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The Divine Exchange- Redemption

moneyOne of the first things you do when you arrive in a foreign country is to exchange your money for currency that can be spent there. Sometimes your currency rate is strong and you get additional money. I love it when that happens. I have extra money to bring home souveneirs. But sometimes, your currency is weak and you loose money in the exchange. The rate of exchange determines the fair value of your money at the time of the exchange.

God’s Divine Exchange is not a fair exchange!

I am so thankful for that. If it were a fair exchange we would get what we deserved. Our sin has consequences. Sin must be judged by a just and holy God. The penalty for sin has to be paid. So Jesus came to save us from our sins!

When Jesus gave His life as a supreme sacrifice on the cross He paid the price for our sins. He paid our debt in full. His blood redeemed us from our sins!

God judged sin at the cross when His sinless Son took our place. But because Jesus had never sinned, death could not hold Him.  Through His gift we can become children of God. Jesus made the cross a place of Divine Exchange!

Look at the picture of Divine Exchange at Jesus’ mock trial prior to the crucifixion.

They stripped Jesus and put a purple robe on Him. Then they twisted a crown of thorns and jabbed then onto and into his head. They mocked him with pretentious praise. (John 19:2)

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Your Feet Follow Your Eyes

Category : Faith

It’s a fact, that has caused lots of accidents…

your feet follow youyour feet follow your eyes!

I know you’ve done it too!

I’m not the only person that has veered out of my lane while driving, because I was looking at something on the side of the road. You simply follow your eyes!

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Keep Praying

Category : Encouragement , Prayer

He was arrogant!

What a way to begin a blog! But it’s the truth!

Arrogant; AND selfish; AND unsympathetic; AND complacent; AND heartless. I get annoyed trying to describe him.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

He didn’t fear God, so he didn’t feel he was required to do the right thing or even answer to God for his actions!

He didn’t care about people either!

This indifferent, pompous judge held lives in his hands. His decision was final. If he abdicated his role to act or enforce the laws to bring justice to victims, there was no recourse.

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Fathers Rename Your Children

Category : Encouragement

I cannot begin to grasp the emotions that filled that space when Rachel uttered her last words. Another son…but one that she would never hold…never cradle in her arms…or kiss it’s sweet cheeks…so mustering her last ebb of strength she uttered the baby’s name Ben-oni. And it was true…he was the son of her sorrow.

I can almost see Jacob, shaking his head no as he announced firmly, “His name is Benjamin…”son of my right hand.” A name close to the original…but entirely different. Not Ben-oni, but Benjamin.

His actions speak volumes to me. In the horror of that event, his father gave him a new name! Jacob refused to allow this crushing event to label his son…to dictate his destiny. He renamed him.

With the new name, Jacob was declaring his son’s destiny. He will be my indispensible helper. He will be my most valued personal assistant.

Culture wants to label your sons and your daughters.

It’s easy to buy into our culture’s ideology. It can help us understand them, teach them and develop them. But the problem lies in the fact that circumstances can also define and limit your sons and daughters destiny! God has a higher plan for your children.

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Without Faith It is Impossible to Please God!

Category : Encouragement , Faith

“And without faith it is impossible to please God,”

My mind seems to always stop there as if the comma were a period. It’s just that the thought of pleasing God is such a delightful thought!

It is hard for me to imagine that MY faith actually pleases God…but, then there’s the alarming realization that without faith there is absolutely NO WAY to please Him.

And that reality propels me to get faith.

Gotta get faith… and I did, with almost the same frenzy that I used to can tomatoes in the summertime; bushels of ruby red tomatoes that would spoil and fill my kitchen with a horrible stench very quickly. So I scrambled to get them cleaned, blanched and in scalding hot jars.  I filled jars and jars and jars that I would use in spaghetti and soups and stews all year long. But, somehow they never made it to my table like I thought they would. Not what I intended.

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