Want to Host a Training Conference in Your Church?

Is training a vital part of your strategy to grow and nurture your team?

Winning the lost and developing strong believers is God’s mandate for His church. It is essential for church growth. The process is accelerated when God’s people learn to seize the opportunities available to them. Often we look down the street for greener pastures when God has diamonds for us in our backyard. Leadership is a diamond mine that is virtually untapped in churches across the nation. When you consider only 10% of all church members are involved in ministry, this puts a real emphasis on helping the other 90% catch a vision for ministry and discover their place in the church. We want to help your church members catch a vision for ministry and equip them to become part of the team.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to get volunteers involved in ministry or why the turn-over rate is so high? 

Does training make a difference?

I watched, in Guatemala, as men cut the grass with long pruning shear-type scissors knowing it can be done so much easier and quickly with a lawn mower. In the same respect, there are wonderful tools available that will help teachers do a more effective job—more easily! I often see good people becoming frustrated or burned out doing the best they can. The problem is they need to know HOW and that there is an EASIER way.

Benefits from having a training conference:

  • A powerful way for leadership to invest in the ministry staff
  • Convenience
  • Better attendance
  • Promote district, community and church unity by inviting area Churches.


 What will a training conference do for your church?

  • People will get excited about ministry!
  • They will go back into the classrooms better equipped/trained and thus happier teachers.
  • Attendance will increase because the class is fun and meets student’s needs.
  • Recruiting new teachers will become easier and teacher longevity will increase.

Benefits from having a training conference in the local church:

  • A powerful way for leadership to invest in the ministry staff
  • Convenience
  • Better attendance
  • Promote district, community and church unity by inviting area Churches.


Pat’s Conferences Include

  • Children’s Ministry
  •  Leadership
  • Appreciation Banquets
  • Recruiting Service
  • Parenting

How will this training conference benefit your teachers? 

  • A seminar is a tangible way for the Church Leadership to show the value they place on the teachers as individuals and their place of ministry. 
  • 30 years teaching & leadership experience will be poured into your teachers.
  • Teachers will catch a fresh vision of the importance of ministering to adults and children
  • They will develop new skills and enrich fundamental skills that are vital to classroom success.
  • They will be exposed to new products and resources that are available.

Pat’s Audio Clips

  1. Cooking Up A Great Program Clip
  2. Train’em Right Clip
  3. Marketing Your Ministry Clip
  4.  Make the Bible Come Alive

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