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Watermelon Lickers or Watermelon Eaters

Watermelon Lickers or Watermelon Eaters- Change

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Watermelon Lickers or Watermelon EatersWe were going to cook out with Kimberly (my daughter) and her family. She’s a great cook! (Does that get me invited over again soon?)

I was excited to get with them because we’ve been on a book tour for several weeks. There’s just nothing like getting all those slobbery kisses from the grandbabies!

I offered to help her put the meal together. She asked me to bring a watermelon. Do you think maybe the flashback of all those burned meals as she was growing up, had anything to do with that suggestion?

I’m sure that wasn’t what she was thinking…she knows I’m a great cook. Sure she knows what a great cook I am?

Anyway, I picked up chips and watermelon.

It was my first watermelon of the season. I can’t begin to tell you how delicious that watermelon was. I like to eat my watermelon with salt, but I’m watching my blood pressure. Do I sound like I’m getting old or something? I passed up the salt…but I didn’t miss it on this delicious watermelon. The sweet juice dripped off my fingers and onto my clothes, but I didn’t care. I was sticky and enjoying every minute of it! Soooo good! There’s just nothing like a cold, sweet and juicy watermelon. My very favorite fruit. Skip the meal, bring on the watermelon!

Never seen a watermelon.

But pretend with me for just one moment that you had never seen a watermelon. You don’t know anyone that has ever seen one, I know that would be awful, but go there with me. Then one day a friend shows you this big green stripped football looking thing. You have no frame of reference so you ask, “What is it?” and “What do you do with it?”

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