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7 Benefits of Spirit Filled Living

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Spirit filled living is living all of life empowered by God’s Spirit.

It is a life empowered by Precious Holy Spirit.

It’s more than trying harder or gaining the right information. It means we allow God’s power to flow through us giving us the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. (Philippians 2:13)

There is a long, long list of benefits to Spirit filled living. I want to share seven benefits with you in this post.

1. Holy Spirit enables you to obey and follow God’s laws and instructions.

The first Pentecost took place at Mt. Sinai 50 days after Passover. Moses and the Israelites heard God speak the commandments. He was establishing worship guidelines. God’s boundaries protect us. We need Holy Spirit power to surrender and obey God in every area of our life.

But God had more in mind than robot obedience. He changes our hearts, so we have a tender, responsive heart towards God.

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Guyana Report

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Where do I begin? How can I use words to describe the scope of what I experienced in Guyana? I’ve wrestled with it for days. Waiting until I had a beginning point—a place to dive into all that I experienced. I still don’t have that point. I want to share the stories of committed, faith-filled men and women and what God is doing through them, but that can’t be the launch point, not yet. I want to share with you what God did in my life, how full I returned and how blessed I was by the presence of God and the people I met, but that would take too long! Let me say though, that I received more than I gave out! God touched my life in a powerful way. Are you supposed to get that blessed on a mission’s trip?? I was blown away! I will never be the same!

Guyana-Land of Many Waters

Guyana Report


Guyana means land of many waters and we saw lots of water. It was rainy season, so we got lots of rain. Still it was hot and those cold bottles of water, wrapped in a paper towel, that they handed us again and again, were so refreshing! That’s how I saw my role there, I was there as a water carrier, bringing water to refresh the precious children’s ministry leaders and pastors. It was a labor of love! And I saw on their faces and heard in their voices that they were as refreshed spiritually as I was, as we drank together from the rivers of living water that flowed out of that conference!


Holy Spirit Conference in Guyana


Pastor Tessa Smith, the National Sunday School Director invited Billy Burns, Ignite the Supernatural Conference, to speak into the Sunday School Leaders, Children’s Ministry Leaders and Pastors there. 278 people from a majority of the 10 districts of Guyana registered for the conference. Pastor Albert Cooper brought a group from Trinidad. Young people. Old People. Even in-between people attended. Eager to learn. Eager to pray. Eager to experience the presence of God. And we did. His presence was absolutely awesome. Precious Holy Spirit showed up powerfully!



The conference was a mixture of general ministry sessions and practical how-to workshops. Billy Burns has a special anointing on his life to help leaders, not just children’s ministry leaders, but all leaders and pastors, understand just how easy it is to help people receive precious Holy Spirit! He was on fire! But I guess that’s to be expected when you got a name like Burns! By the time the conference was over, there was a constant race to see who could say his mantra first, “Today is the day of the Holy Ghost!” And it really is.


Wayne taught leaders to use object lessons and costumed characters when teaching on Holy Spirit. He gave lots of practical illustrations and suggestions. Within small groups they came up with characters they could use in their ministry. My personal favorites were:

  • the miner—they mine for bauxite, diamonds and gold in Guyana,
  • the woman at the well
  • and the insect.

These folks are so creative. Loved their ideas!

Holy Spirit Conference in Guyana


Vickie’s gentle personality explodes into passion and energy when she steps up to teach. She is transparent and encouraging as she teaches leaders how to take children into the presence of God through worship. Her fun songs were a hit and her inspiration was a home run!

Holy Spirit Conference in Guyana


And I got to teach on the anointing, one of my very, very favorite subjects, teaching children to pray, another one of my favorites, pastoring the altar, no I won’t say it again…can I just say I love, love what I do! I just have to mention one more of my favorite workshops– Holy Spirit, My Favorite Prayer Partner—I love teaching that workshop! Oh, I’m ready to teach it again!


And then on Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, I had the privilege of preaching in the House of Prayer! Can you believe that? The House of Prayer. The pastor, Rev. Louis Crawford was a gentleman and statesman. What a powerful man of God he is! The service started at 7:30 in the morning and wasn’t over until 10:45. As the worship continued for an extended time, Pastor leaned over and said, “Don’t worry, you will have an hour to speak.” An hour? A whole hour on Sunday morning? Hallelujah! I was in heaven! Preaching in Guyana on Pentecost Sunday and one hour to share what God had given me! What a day of Pentecost we celebrated that morning! The front was totally filled with people receiving precious Holy Spirit, as believers, the pastors and Wayne and I prayed for people to receive. It was glorious!


But that wasn’t the end of my day of Pentecost adventure, Pastor Crawford took us to Pastor Jadubal’s church where Billy Burns was preaching. That church was so full we had to sit outside. when the altar call was given the entire altar area was filled. When I say filled, I am not exaggerating! What an amazing church. What an amazing day! God showed up in that place. Do you know what I mean when I say that?


The highlight of the entire trip, for me, was meeting Pastor Jadubal. He is an amazing, amazing man of faith that God is using mightily. I can’t wait to share his stories with you.


As I close this post, will you pray for Guyana–right now? Ask God to empower His church to be agents of change in the midst of great darkness. Ask God to send revival that breaks the chains of idolatry that would enslave the minds of people. Pray for children’s ministry leaders to be bold to reach their communities for Christ creatively and through the power of precious Holy Spirit.


Thank you for joining me in prayer. Thank you for praying for us while we were gone. Thank you for being a light where you are—for doing the works of Jesus to impact your community. Thank you for letting me share my Guyana adventure with you. I appreciate you so much

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Pentecost Sunday Morning in Guyana

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I finally have an Internet Connection! I have to make this quick everyone is waiting. No time for pictures. Just a quick hello. I wrote the blog early Pentecost Morning. This is the first time I have been able to post. Thank you for your prayers. We have felt them! God has done awesome things. Tell you more later.


Angie Knight texted me the morning we were leaving for Guyana, “Look for surprises amidst the confusion.” She is the “guru” of missions trips. so I paid attention.

And I was surprised. I was surprised by how quickly I feel in love with the people and how sad I feel that the conference is over.
Surprised by how often they brought us water and  how refreshing the cool liquid was to our parched throats.
Surprised by how quickly they loved us back.
Surprised by how many young people were involved in children’s ministry and how eager they were to learn about Holy Spirit.
Surprised by how delicious the food was.
Surprised by how hungry the people were for more of God.They are people that pray and go after God.
And my biggest surprise shouldn’t have been a surprise at all, but I was surprised at how awesome God was in response to hungry people. I expected Him to show up, but He did more than show up, He showed out! He poured out His Spirit lavishly. These people love precious Holy Spirit, but many shared that they had not spoken in tongues in some time and you should have heard them praising God in tongues by the time the conference ended. There were others that had not been filled, as they yielded to Holy Spirit so many were filled to overflowing. It was so powerful.
 I can only imagine how surprised the 120 were on the day of Pentecost when they were filled with Holy Spirit. I can only imagine how surprised they were when they realized Holy Spirit didn’t come as a visitor, but as an eternal inhabitant. Living in them. Empowering them. Igniting them. Enlightening them. He’s still here. Longing to fill believers.
Billy Burns has told us again and again, “Today is the day of the Holy Ghost!” and it really is. Don’t miss what He has for you! You will be surprised to discover all He has for you, just like I have been in Guyana.


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Scripture gives us pictures of Holy Spirit so we can know Him better

Pictures of Holy Spirit

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Pictures of Holy Spirit? Let me explain.

I am an official, picture-carrying member of the “Grandma Club.” Have been for years. I know I look much too young to be a member. LOL Nuff said!

 I love being a grandma. I’ve had two of my grands this weekend. It was awesome! Ashlyn got sick–that was no fun for either of us. But we still got to make some crafts and eat yummy potato cheese soup.

Here are some of the pictures of my doll babies.

I love showing off their pictures and telling their stories–sharing with you the joy of being a grandma!


But there is a joy that exceeds the joy of being a grandparent. It is the joy of knowing and experiencing Holy Spirit.  I have no greater joy than my relationship with Him! I wish I could share it with you, like I can pull an orange apart and hand you half and watch you as the sweet juice dripped off your chin. We’d laugh together like little kids. Oh, I wish I could show you a picture of Holy Spirit. But I can’t share Him and I can’t show you a picture because He is a spirit. That’s not weird or spooky, just a reality that can keep us from getting to know Him.

Scripture gives us pictures of Holy Spirit so we can know Him better

But God wants you to know that aspect of His personality too! That’s why God shows us His photo album in scripture, pictures not of what He looks like, but of His nature and personality so we will recognize Him and know what He is like.

Maybe you’d rather listen than read.

Here’s a ten minute clip from my sermon, “Pictures of Holy Spirit.” from a church services.

Holy Spirit Pictures


Or view the clip on YouTube


The pictures that God has given us in Scripture of precious Holy Spirit  are painted with bold strokes and illustrated by the natural world around us, to help us clearly  understand  what we can not experience with our natural eyes.


Holy Spirit is like the Wind

It is no coincidence that the sound of heaven like a wind filled the room on the day of Pentecost, because Holy Spirit is like the wind Act 2:2. God was deliberate in using this picture.

Wind or breathe brings life. If someone has an accident, the first thing we do is check to see if they are breathing. Holy Spirit gives life to Scripture that makes it come alive  and productive in a heart of a believer. Holy Spirit gives life to believers, energizing them to live victorious and fruitful lives.

You can’t see the wind, but you can see the effects of the wind. We can’t explain God’s ways.

John 3:8 NLT “The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.”

Holy Spirit is Like a Fire

Fire is another picture that is strategically provided in Act 2:3.

Fire is used to purify as in smelting and refining gold. It’s used as an adjective to describe love and commitment. Fiery passion. Fiery lover. Intense. Enthusiastic. One of the works of precious Holy Spirit is to help us love.

Rom 5:5 NLT  “And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”


Holy Spirit is Like Water
Jesus used this picture on the last day of the feast of Tabernacles in John 7:38-39 NIV” Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” 39 By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified.” 


Thoughts of hot summer days and a refreshing plunge into a cool, mountain stream can only begin to connect us with the refreshing benefits of water.

Or if you’ve visited the desert you see the barrenness of water’s absence or the abundant life that grows along the banks of a river that twists and turns through it’s valley. Again, water is a picture of Holy Spirit.  He brings life. He nourishes. He refreshes.


Still my “Granny Picture Album” doesn’t begin to tell you how funny Brayden is or how smart Keira is or how loving Ashlyn is. Even when I describe Brayden by telling you he is the family clown, you know about him, but you don’t know him.


God loves sharing His pictures with us, not so we have some abstract knowledge to repeat or parrot back, but so we can experience the benefits that come with living Spirited filled, Spirit influenced lives. He wants to fill believers and like oil, permeate everything we touch! Don’t miss what He has for you. Lean into His presence to hear His voice, to experience His love and His hope. Saturate your mind and attitudes with His Words to become the person He intended.

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Purposeful Plan to Produce Fruitful Maturity

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Purposeful Plan to Produce Fruitful Maturity—not just maturity but fruitful maturity.

PurposefulPlan to Produce Maturity
My little grandson, Kayden is growing! And He is such a doll baby! I think he is going to look like his daddy. And Keira is turning into such a big girl!
I still remember the overwhelming responsibility I felt when Jason was born. I realized it was a big job!

What if…

  • I didn’t do things right?
  • I forgot to wash between his toes?
  • I wasn’t a good mother?



In spite of my fears, I enjoyed every stage of parenting. His first little coos. Watching them toddle on wobbly legs. The scrawls on the wall–not so much!…but you get the picture.

PurposefulPlan to Produce Maturity


Every stage had its advantages and disadvantages!

Still I understood my ultimate goal was helping that baby to grow and reach maturity with the skills necessary to fulfill God’s purpose for his life.

He had a strategy!

While I have no idea how Jesus felt when He was about to go to the cross, I know He had strategy that extended beyond His earthly stay. He wasn’t about to leave them as abandoned orphans.

Good, but still human

They were good men, but they were human, with inadequacies, fears and challenges. He knew they would do greater things than He had done (John 14:12), not because of who they were but because of what He was about to do. His death would purchase redemption, available to all mankind. His death would pay the penalty of sin to purchase eternal life.     It is absolutely riveting to think about the vastness of His free gift, still, his strategy included more. He was going to send the Holy Spirit.    They needed more.

His disciples were trained and equipped, but they needed more. They had seen miracles; the dead raised, blind eyes healed, diseases cured. But if these men were going to do the works of Jesus, they had to have more than information; they had to have the Holy Spirit.

  The deliberateness of Pentecost emphasizes this strategy.

Two revolutionary things took place at the Old Testament Pentecost: God gave them the Ten Commandments (or the Pentateuch) and they experienced His manifest presence. They heard the Word of God and experienced the presence of God.(Exodus 19,20)  “The New Testament Pentecost enabled believers to understand and obey that Word. Jesus is the Word made flesh, and He is revealed to all through the infilling of Holy Spirit.” i i the book “Precious Holy Spirit” p.10 All rights reserved.

  The Promise Arrived

Strategically, on the day of Pentecost, as promised, precious Holy Spirit arrived. His glorious and powerful introduction was supernatural. Tongues of fire, sounds of a mighty wind, ordinary people energized and equipped for extra-ordinary acts, and speaking in unknown languages. These actions only  begin to describe this event.


The amazed crowds stopped when they heard Galileans praising God in their language. They realized it was a language that was unknown to these Galileans. The first church was born that day. It was born in the fire of Holy Spirit. They would become “God’s Power and Light Company” on the earth, not because of what they knew, but who they knew. But now they knew Him at a new level, because they tapped into the energy of heaven.”   God’s redemptive strategy was two faceted:

  • 1. The Word (Jesus the Word made flesh)
  • 2. The Holy Spirit


God’s strategy hasn’t changed. If we want to mature and grow to purposeful, reproductive maturity, then we must embrace God’s strategy. We must live Word-filled and Spirit-filled lives, integrated like two sides of one coin.

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Growing Grass 101- Light

Growing Grass 101- Light

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Wayne and I love trees. When we built our home, we were careful to leave every tree possible on the lot. We wanted lots of trees and we got them! Huge live oaks, bay trees, I hate those huge rubbery leaves, loquat, fig, orange, lemon, pine, hickory and scraggly scrub oaks.


But what we don’t have is grass.

Growing Grass 101- LightWe have installed sod twice. Seeded it. Fertilized it. Prayed over it. The man that sod our yard the last time promised that this special grass, which we paid extra for, a lot extra, would grow under trees! Well, the truth is– nothing much grows under trees and I have the bare spots to prove it!

Because the reality is– green plants need light.

Even big trees will twist and turn to find some sun!


They need it to grow. Some trees will shoot up tall to reach the sun they need. Others, will twist and turn, leaving limbs and branches twisted and turned permanently as it grows toward the light. Look at this tree. Joy Hemler and I think it did this trying to grow toward the light.

Growing Grass 101

I’m not telling you about anything new, you know plants need light. You check the light requirements on the back of the seed package or plant tags. You plant in full sun or partial shade according to the directions, or you WILL watch the plant refuse to grow in spite of watering and fertilizing.


But do you realize that if you want to grow, if you want to be fruitful– you need the light?


Look at Ephesians 5:8 in the King James Version “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: 9(For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)”


It says the “fruit of the Spirit” which is referencing the Holy Spirit. But NAS says (for the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth).

I love that it uses the word light here for two reasons.

  1. One of the major roles of Precious Holy Spirit is to “turn on the light” or be the light that opens our understanding to truth that is hidden in the context of Scripture.
    • He wants to reveal truth.
    • He wants to show us Jesus.
    • He wants to give practical understanding, so we can live out the truths of Scripture.
  2. If you’re gonna grow fruit, and every believer should, then you must have light. If we walk with Him, we walk in the light.


But walking in the light isn’t always easy.

Sometimes the glaring truth I see makes me want to put on sunglasses so I don’t see what I see. Sometimes I see things makes me feel uncomfortable. I see needs that made me feel sad. I’d rather be happy, so walking in the light can be challenging. Often it means something in my life has to die-habits, attitudes or wrong motives.


Or it can mean that I see an area I have to grow in, like witnessing—now that’s a scary thought. Sometimes, it means I have to forgive or give someone a helping hand or say something encouraging.


When I walk in the light, I never really know where it will take me. The light never stays on safe, level pathways. The Light takes me to exciting places and challenging places, to beautiful places and dark, lonely places.


Sometimes I struggle to stay in the light and sometimes I rejoice in the Light. One thing I know for certain, there’s life in the Light. If I want to be fruitful, if we want to be fruitful, we must walk in the Light!

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Have we pushed Holy Spirit into the back room of our lives.

Who’s He- The One in the Back Room

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You might be surprised if you know me personally, because I’m so energetic and passionate, (that’s a nice way to say I’m loud and crazy)–but I was a very compliant child. I was content to stay home. I made mud cakes in a little muffin tin and baked them in the sun. I danced and sang on a large wooden box that had been washed and turned upside down, after my dad mixed concrete in it.


I love beautiful table settings. I played alone most of the time, but Mildred’s invitation to spend the night at her house was too exciting to pass up. Her mother’s attention to detail at the dining room table made a lifelong impression on me. I still say, “Everything taste better on a pretty plate–thank goodness—and that even includes burned food!” Wayne doesn’t always agree, but I just ignore him! LOL


Yet the greatest impact that visit made on me was in the room on the left, at the end of a long hall. You had to pass that room to get to the bathroom and Mildred’s room. The door was open, so without stopping I glanced inside. A man, the oldest, most wrinkled little man I had ever seen, sat in a chair at the end of the bed.

I half announced and the other half asked, “Who is that?”

I had met all the rest of the family. Mildred’s older, good looking, football star, dazzling brother, did I mention really good looking, older, but not too old for me—brother and  her really nice parents. But she hadn’t even mentioned this man.

Have we pushed Holy Spirit into the back room of our lives.She answered with a tone that was saturated with finality, “That’s my grandpa.”


I didn’t dare ask any questions, but I had lots of them. He didn’t show up at the table. I never saw him in the living room. He was confined, I imagine by poor health, to his room at the back of the house. Mildred’s mom was a caring and loving caregiver, but Mildred stayed away from that room, at least while I was there.

She didn’t bother to return his wave when we passed. She looked the other way and hurried past the door opening anytime we passed.


I don’t know the story behind her actions, perhaps there was a reason for them. While I’m not her judge, it seemed that she was ashamed of her grandpa. She didn’t recognize that the wrinkles etched on his face where wisdom lines. (At least, that’s what I call mine!) Or that his trembling hands had once worked long hours to provide for a large family. She only knew he didn’t act or talk like she thought he should, so she was ashamed of him.

I could really go off on the subject of honoring the elderly, especially since I’m getting older, but that’s not where I’m headed. Honor is really an important virtue, so seize every opportunity to honor the elderly. Sorry, I digressed, because it really is an important value.

Not where I was headed…

But the thought that has echoed off the walls of time make me ask, have we done that with Precious Holy Spirit?  Have we pushed Him into a back room, at the end of the hall, only leaving the door cracked open for an occasional glimpse? We don’t want to pretend He doesn’t exist, because deep in our belief system we have a category labeled with His name. Have we ignored Him instead of experiencing Holy Spirit in our everyday lives?


Yet, we are afraid of what He will say and what He will do if we let Him out of the prison—excuse my mistake, out of His nice little, comfortable room that we have reserved especially for Him.


Have our questions, or the behavior of “super spiritual saints” or our desire to control things tainted the truth?


Has our fear to maneuver among the mine fields of controversy left precious Holy Spirit out of our lives and services, leaving us powerless and impotent?

There has always been controversy around the subject of Precious Holy Spirit. It started immediately and it hasn’t stopped.

Acts 2:12, 13(The Message) Their heads were spinning; they couldn’t make head or tail of any of it. They talked back and forth, confused: “What’s going on here?” 13 Others joked, “They’re drunk on cheap wine.”

Acts 2:12, 13 in NLT

Yet that controversy should lead us to discover and experience the reality of precious Holy Spirit for ourselves.

Proverbs 4:7 NIV Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.

We need the Word

I will be the first to agree that we need the Word, but we also need Precious Holy Spirit. The Word can only come alive as the Holy Spirit turns on the light so we can metabolize its truth into our spirits.

Truth is Hidden

God hides truths from us, like He hides gold in the earth. Not to keep us from them, but so we will pursue them with passion and fervor. I challenge you to take this season between Easter and Pentecost to go on a pilgrimage to know and to experience the presence of precious Holy Spirit in a new way.

I love you. It is my greatest desire to see you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. John (3 John 1:2) said it first, but that’s why I blog. That’s why I pray for all my readers. That’s why I want you to experience all that God has for you!

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An Extraordinary Little Girl in our School of Holy Spirit

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Extraordinary! NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope let’s us glimpse and enjoy extraordinary sights. But the sky isn’t the only place you find extraordinary examples of God’s creation! Let me tell you of an extraordinary little girl in our School of Holy Spirit.

This infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the double-ringed galaxy Messier 94. Just outside the bright core, a burning ring of star formation glows brightly in the light of warm interstellar dust. Encircling it all is the faint blue gl

You never know when you’ll meet one, those extraordinary people disguised in the ordinary.

But when you recognize one and I use the word “recognize” deliberately, because there are extraordinary people all around us. We simply don’t have the lens or the insight to see them. But I digressed, when you recognize one, you will never forget the encounter.

That happened to me this weekend. Wayne and I were speaking in the School of the Holy Spirit retreat in Virginia. Pastor Pete Hohmann prepares the kids for weeks, building a biblical foundation for children to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit. And many did. Both in his services and at the retreat. The outpouring of God’s love and Spirit was absolutely one of the most powerful I have ever experienced.

This extraordinary tiny framed girl sat across the table from me. She was about twelve years old, sandy blond hair and wore glasses. Two years ago a sponsor paid her way to a similar retreat. Afterward, she decided she wanted to sponsor someone for a retreat. She began to save her money toward that goal. This year she had enough money, so she invited her neighbor to attend the retreat. Her neighbor doesn’t go to her church and had no grid or experience to prepare her for what she was going to encounter, but she came.

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Plug Into 220 Christian Living

Plug Into 220 Christian Living- Power

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Plug Into 220 Christian LivingSome of the beautiful old ante-bellum homes nestled under beautiful moss covered oak trees were wired to handle only 110 Volt (V) current? Some folks lived their whole lives with only 110 V. You can run all sorts of appliances with it…

  • a hairdryer
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • lamps
  • television.
  • That’s right you can live your whole life with 110V.

Oh, but come to think of it, you can’t have air conditioning! That’s requires 220V. And those hot water showers, they’re gone, because electric hot water heaters require 220V. And the cooking at your house will be very limited, because the kitchen stove requires 220V as well.

Yes, sir! You you could live your entire life using without 220V current. But my question is,

“Why would you want to?”

I can think of a few reasons, but none of which are enough to keep me confined to 110V living.

Worse than Living With Only 110V

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Stone Stackers or Water Carriers

Stone Stackers or Water Carriers- His Presence

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Stone Stackers or Water Carriers The river rocks that I stopped to gather were smooth in my hand. I’m sure they started out jagged and rough. But the swift current of the cool mountain stream changed that. The strong current, relentlessly shoved the rocks downstream, pushing and tumbling them up and down, around and around, bumping and scraping them against each other until their rough edges were ground smooth. The stones that lay all around my feet had experienced the power of the water, had been shaped and honed by its prodding, pushing and shoving. Now–the water was gone. All that remained of the stream that had once coursed through this valley was a dry river bed of smooth, dry rocks and gravel. The stream was gone. And so were the raccoons, and the deer.. the bears and …the skunks and the coyotes. They were all gone. Oh, they all came when there was water, but when the water dried up, they quit coming.


And so did the human visitors. A few like Wayne and I, all non-residents, that didn’t know the stream was gone, came looking for water.  Only an occasional visitor crunched down the path on the way to somewhere else. We and a few birds, flittering from tree to tree, were the only visitors that day.


When the water was depleted everyone left, everyone except the stone stackers, they stayed. They had memories of way back when, of when there was water. It’s both surprising and amazing how quickly you get used to things. They missed the water at first, but then there were so many stones to stack. And the stacked stones were beautiful. All the colors, and sizes and shapes. Beautiful stones, not that they were valuable, but they were fascinating. Stacking stones is captivating you know. I had to stop and stack a few myself. Amused and interested, I found just the right color and size to stack one on top of the other until it was sufficiently tall to stand impressive without tottering and tumbling to the ground.


Stone Stackers or Water Carriers The stone stackers, didn’t start out as stone stackers. They came for the water. They came thirsty. They started out as water drinkers, but when the river dried up they stayed. At first they longed for the water, they even prayed for rain, but after a while they got so busy stacking stones, they hardly missed the water at all. The stone stackers didn’t nourish life, they only left one more stack of stones. The stone stackers didn’t give water. They didn’t nourish life, they just left stacks of stones that  dotted the dry river bed.


How like stone stackers the traditional Christian has become. They’ve allowed the stream to dry up in their lives because of sin, rebellion, disobedience and unbelief.  It’s not that the stream was never there, it flows from the well of salvation, but neglect has damned the flow of relationship with Him into their lives. I don’t want you to miss this,  indifference, neglect and sin stops the flow of the waters of relationship with God into our lives.


It’s a gradual thing. At first, the change is hardly noticeable. It happens when a believer ignores the still, small voice calling them to surrender their will to His. They hardly notice that the sin that once grieved their hearts, doesn’t really bother them anymore. Modern Christian culture has bought into the lie that conviction makes me “feel” bad, so I will ignore it. They turn up the volume knob on their entertainments. They ignore the warnings and invitations of their loving Father to spend time with Him, to read the Bible, and to obey what it says, with excuses and complaints. The water level gets lower, but they don’t notice cause they are so busy. They are doing beautiful things, churchy things, stacking stones is spiritual you know. Meanwhile, the water of God’s presence in their lives dries up—and they continue to stay where they are spiritually. At first they missed the refreshing, cleansing life-giving waters. But, they got so busy building a church and doing good stuff–stacking stones, that they forgot all about the water. They forget they were called to be water drinkers and water carries– and become satisfied just stacking stones.


Stacking stones is exhausting.


Oh, but there’s hope for dry riverbeds and stone stackers.


Elijah was a stone stacker in a time of terrible physical and spiritual drought. There’s a place for stone stackers. But the important issue here is, he didn’t stop with stacking stones. His stone stacking was an altar, a place of repentance…a place of surrender to God. A place where God responded to Elijah’s obedience with fire. It’s important that we notice Elijah didn’t stop when the fire came. He persisted until God sent the rain. Elijah was a stone stacker and a water drinker. He drank from God’s supply. Because he drank from God’s supply, because he wasn’t content to stop with stacking stones, he became a water carrier. His obedience and prayers brought water to a nation. You can read the story in 1 Kings 17.


I’m committed to be a water drinker and a water carrier that stacks a few stones when necessary! How about you? I’d love to hear from you.


Additional Link: Experiencing the Glory

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Watermelon Lickers or Watermelon Eaters

Watermelon Lickers or Watermelon Eaters- Change

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Watermelon Lickers or Watermelon EatersWe were going to cook out with Kimberly (my daughter) and her family. She’s a great cook! (Does that get me invited over again soon?)

I was excited to get with them because we’ve been on a book tour for several weeks. There’s just nothing like getting all those slobbery kisses from the grandbabies!

I offered to help her put the meal together. She asked me to bring a watermelon. Do you think maybe the flashback of all those burned meals as she was growing up, had anything to do with that suggestion?

I’m sure that wasn’t what she was thinking…she knows I’m a great cook. Sure she knows what a great cook I am?

Anyway, I picked up chips and watermelon.

It was my first watermelon of the season. I can’t begin to tell you how delicious that watermelon was. I like to eat my watermelon with salt, but I’m watching my blood pressure. Do I sound like I’m getting old or something? I passed up the salt…but I didn’t miss it on this delicious watermelon. The sweet juice dripped off my fingers and onto my clothes, but I didn’t care. I was sticky and enjoying every minute of it! Soooo good! There’s just nothing like a cold, sweet and juicy watermelon. My very favorite fruit. Skip the meal, bring on the watermelon!

Never seen a watermelon.

But pretend with me for just one moment that you had never seen a watermelon. You don’t know anyone that has ever seen one, I know that would be awful, but go there with me. Then one day a friend shows you this big green stripped football looking thing. You have no frame of reference so you ask, “What is it?” and “What do you do with it?”

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How to Help people receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit

How to Help People Receive the Gift of Holy Spirit

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How to Help people receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit

It is important to recognize that every believer desperately needs precious Holy Spirit. He is the Gift that Jesus promised he would send when he ascended to the Father. We must remain committed to helping them receive all God has for them, so they can be what God has called them to be. Here is some information you can use to help position believers so they can receive this wonderful and necessary Gift.

  1. Ask God to fill believers, so they can live Spirit filled lives.
  2. Introduce them to Holy Spirit. He’s not weird and Spirit filled people won’t be either.
  3. Teach them how to receive and to understand they can receive right now.
  4. Create a worship atmosphere that welcomes Holy Spirit and allows believers to experience His presence.
  5. A believer must yield to Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit gives the words; and believers must speak what He gives them. In Acts 2:4, “they spoke as the Spirit gave them utterance”. When God gives them the words, they need to partner with Holy Spirit to speak what He gives them.
  6. Invite and expect believers to receive Holy Spirit.
  7. Don’t feel that you have to make something happen. Trust God. He is faithful.
  8. Don’t confuse the spectacular with the supernatural. Some people will receive without a lot of emotion or fanfare. The Holy Spirit simply comes on them and they receive God’s glorious Gift.
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