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7 Benefits of Spirit Filled Living

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Spirit filled living is living all of life empowered by God’s Spirit.

It is a life empowered by Precious Holy Spirit.

It’s more than trying harder or gaining the right information. It means we allow God’s power to flow through us giving us the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. (Philippians 2:13)

There is a long, long list of benefits to Spirit filled living. I want to share seven benefits with you in this post.

1. Holy Spirit enables you to obey and follow God’s laws and instructions.

The first Pentecost took place at Mt. Sinai 50 days after Passover. Moses and the Israelites heard God speak the commandments. He was establishing worship guidelines. God’s boundaries protect us. We need Holy Spirit power to surrender and obey God in every area of our life.

But God had more in mind than robot obedience. He changes our hearts, so we have a tender, responsive heart towards God.

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5 Reasons Why I am Thrilled That Pentecost is a Thing of the Past

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That’s right! I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled that Pentecost is a thing of the past.

I could give you tons of reasons why I feel that way, but my post would be way too long, so I’ll just give you five reasons. Every time I think about the fact that Pentecost is a thing of the past I want to do the happy dance.


Here’s my top five reasons.


1. Because that means the Father has fulfilled His Promise to send precious Holy Spirit.


But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you. John 16:7

Jesus promised to send precious Holy Spirit when He returned to His Father. Pentecost is the fulfillment of that promise! He sent precious Holy Spirit like He said He would! I am so thankful He did!

2. Because Holy Spirit arrived to fill believers on the day of Pentecost, I can personally experience the fullness of Pentecost. You can too!

For the promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God will call to Himself.” Acts 2:39

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Pentecost Sunday Morning in Guyana

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I finally have an Internet Connection! I have to make this quick everyone is waiting. No time for pictures. Just a quick hello. I wrote the blog early Pentecost Morning. This is the first time I have been able to post. Thank you for your prayers. We have felt them! God has done awesome things. Tell you more later.


Angie Knight texted me the morning we were leaving for Guyana, “Look for surprises amidst the confusion.” She is the “guru” of missions trips. so I paid attention.

And I was surprised. I was surprised by how quickly I feel in love with the people and how sad I feel that the conference is over.
Surprised by how often they brought us water and  how refreshing the cool liquid was to our parched throats.
Surprised by how quickly they loved us back.
Surprised by how many young people were involved in children’s ministry and how eager they were to learn about Holy Spirit.
Surprised by how delicious the food was.
Surprised by how hungry the people were for more of God.They are people that pray and go after God.
And my biggest surprise shouldn’t have been a surprise at all, but I was surprised at how awesome God was in response to hungry people. I expected Him to show up, but He did more than show up, He showed out! He poured out His Spirit lavishly. These people love precious Holy Spirit, but many shared that they had not spoken in tongues in some time and you should have heard them praising God in tongues by the time the conference ended. There were others that had not been filled, as they yielded to Holy Spirit so many were filled to overflowing. It was so powerful.
 I can only imagine how surprised the 120 were on the day of Pentecost when they were filled with Holy Spirit. I can only imagine how surprised they were when they realized Holy Spirit didn’t come as a visitor, but as an eternal inhabitant. Living in them. Empowering them. Igniting them. Enlightening them. He’s still here. Longing to fill believers.
Billy Burns has told us again and again, “Today is the day of the Holy Ghost!” and it really is. Don’t miss what He has for you! You will be surprised to discover all He has for you, just like I have been in Guyana.


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Have we pushed Holy Spirit into the back room of our lives.

Who’s He- The One in the Back Room

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You might be surprised if you know me personally, because I’m so energetic and passionate, (that’s a nice way to say I’m loud and crazy)–but I was a very compliant child. I was content to stay home. I made mud cakes in a little muffin tin and baked them in the sun. I danced and sang on a large wooden box that had been washed and turned upside down, after my dad mixed concrete in it.


I love beautiful table settings. I played alone most of the time, but Mildred’s invitation to spend the night at her house was too exciting to pass up. Her mother’s attention to detail at the dining room table made a lifelong impression on me. I still say, “Everything taste better on a pretty plate–thank goodness—and that even includes burned food!” Wayne doesn’t always agree, but I just ignore him! LOL


Yet the greatest impact that visit made on me was in the room on the left, at the end of a long hall. You had to pass that room to get to the bathroom and Mildred’s room. The door was open, so without stopping I glanced inside. A man, the oldest, most wrinkled little man I had ever seen, sat in a chair at the end of the bed.

I half announced and the other half asked, “Who is that?”

I had met all the rest of the family. Mildred’s older, good looking, football star, dazzling brother, did I mention really good looking, older, but not too old for me—brother and  her really nice parents. But she hadn’t even mentioned this man.

Have we pushed Holy Spirit into the back room of our lives.She answered with a tone that was saturated with finality, “That’s my grandpa.”


I didn’t dare ask any questions, but I had lots of them. He didn’t show up at the table. I never saw him in the living room. He was confined, I imagine by poor health, to his room at the back of the house. Mildred’s mom was a caring and loving caregiver, but Mildred stayed away from that room, at least while I was there.

She didn’t bother to return his wave when we passed. She looked the other way and hurried past the door opening anytime we passed.


I don’t know the story behind her actions, perhaps there was a reason for them. While I’m not her judge, it seemed that she was ashamed of her grandpa. She didn’t recognize that the wrinkles etched on his face where wisdom lines. (At least, that’s what I call mine!) Or that his trembling hands had once worked long hours to provide for a large family. She only knew he didn’t act or talk like she thought he should, so she was ashamed of him.

I could really go off on the subject of honoring the elderly, especially since I’m getting older, but that’s not where I’m headed. Honor is really an important virtue, so seize every opportunity to honor the elderly. Sorry, I digressed, because it really is an important value.

Not where I was headed…

But the thought that has echoed off the walls of time make me ask, have we done that with Precious Holy Spirit?  Have we pushed Him into a back room, at the end of the hall, only leaving the door cracked open for an occasional glimpse? We don’t want to pretend He doesn’t exist, because deep in our belief system we have a category labeled with His name. Have we ignored Him instead of experiencing Holy Spirit in our everyday lives?


Yet, we are afraid of what He will say and what He will do if we let Him out of the prison—excuse my mistake, out of His nice little, comfortable room that we have reserved especially for Him.


Have our questions, or the behavior of “super spiritual saints” or our desire to control things tainted the truth?


Has our fear to maneuver among the mine fields of controversy left precious Holy Spirit out of our lives and services, leaving us powerless and impotent?

There has always been controversy around the subject of Precious Holy Spirit. It started immediately and it hasn’t stopped.

Acts 2:12, 13(The Message) Their heads were spinning; they couldn’t make head or tail of any of it. They talked back and forth, confused: “What’s going on here?” 13 Others joked, “They’re drunk on cheap wine.”

Acts 2:12, 13 in NLT

Yet that controversy should lead us to discover and experience the reality of precious Holy Spirit for ourselves.

Proverbs 4:7 NIV Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.

We need the Word

I will be the first to agree that we need the Word, but we also need Precious Holy Spirit. The Word can only come alive as the Holy Spirit turns on the light so we can metabolize its truth into our spirits.

Truth is Hidden

God hides truths from us, like He hides gold in the earth. Not to keep us from them, but so we will pursue them with passion and fervor. I challenge you to take this season between Easter and Pentecost to go on a pilgrimage to know and to experience the presence of precious Holy Spirit in a new way.

I love you. It is my greatest desire to see you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. John (3 John 1:2) said it first, but that’s why I blog. That’s why I pray for all my readers. That’s why I want you to experience all that God has for you!

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An Extraordinary Little Girl in our School of Holy Spirit

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Extraordinary! NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope let’s us glimpse and enjoy extraordinary sights. But the sky isn’t the only place you find extraordinary examples of God’s creation! Let me tell you of an extraordinary little girl in our School of Holy Spirit.

This infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the double-ringed galaxy Messier 94. Just outside the bright core, a burning ring of star formation glows brightly in the light of warm interstellar dust. Encircling it all is the faint blue gl

You never know when you’ll meet one, those extraordinary people disguised in the ordinary.

But when you recognize one and I use the word “recognize” deliberately, because there are extraordinary people all around us. We simply don’t have the lens or the insight to see them. But I digressed, when you recognize one, you will never forget the encounter.

That happened to me this weekend. Wayne and I were speaking in the School of the Holy Spirit retreat in Virginia. Pastor Pete Hohmann prepares the kids for weeks, building a biblical foundation for children to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit. And many did. Both in his services and at the retreat. The outpouring of God’s love and Spirit was absolutely one of the most powerful I have ever experienced.

This extraordinary tiny framed girl sat across the table from me. She was about twelve years old, sandy blond hair and wore glasses. Two years ago a sponsor paid her way to a similar retreat. Afterward, she decided she wanted to sponsor someone for a retreat. She began to save her money toward that goal. This year she had enough money, so she invited her neighbor to attend the retreat. Her neighbor doesn’t go to her church and had no grid or experience to prepare her for what she was going to encounter, but she came.

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How to Help people receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit

How to Help People Receive the Gift of Holy Spirit

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How to Help people receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit

It is important to recognize that every believer desperately needs precious Holy Spirit. He is the Gift that Jesus promised he would send when he ascended to the Father. We must remain committed to helping them receive all God has for them, so they can be what God has called them to be. Here is some information you can use to help position believers so they can receive this wonderful and necessary Gift.

  1. Ask God to fill believers, so they can live Spirit filled lives.
  2. Introduce them to Holy Spirit. He’s not weird and Spirit filled people won’t be either.
  3. Teach them how to receive and to understand they can receive right now.
  4. Create a worship atmosphere that welcomes Holy Spirit and allows believers to experience His presence.
  5. A believer must yield to Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit gives the words; and believers must speak what He gives them. In Acts 2:4, “they spoke as the Spirit gave them utterance”. When God gives them the words, they need to partner with Holy Spirit to speak what He gives them.
  6. Invite and expect believers to receive Holy Spirit.
  7. Don’t feel that you have to make something happen. Trust God. He is faithful.
  8. Don’t confuse the spectacular with the supernatural. Some people will receive without a lot of emotion or fanfare. The Holy Spirit simply comes on them and they receive God’s glorious Gift.
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