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Pat is passionate about Equipping…Inspiring..Energizing believers.

Pat ministers in churches, encouraging, inspiring and helping people fall in love with the Bible. She makes the Bible so easy to understand and motivates the hearer to live out the principles of God’s Word in their everyday life. Passionate and powerful describes her ministry to people of all ages.

  • Just a little glimpse from some of Pat’s Sessions


    • Family Encounters;
    • Holy Spirit Encounters;
    • Prayer Retreats
  • Christian Schools

Some of  Pat’s favorite subjects to minister on:


        • Prayer
        • Holy Spirit
        • Overcoming Offenses
        • Victorious Christian Living
        • Importance of God’s Word
        • Parenting

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I’m Pat Holland…

I tell stories- who doesn’t love a good story?

But I tell mine for a reason. I want to equip, empower and energize people just like you to enjoy the riches of God’s life-changing Word. So I use stories about people, sometimes myself,  places I’ve been, and life experiences as a tool to make Bible truths so simple you can walk them out in your everyday life.

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