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Precious Holy Spirit

What you don't know can hurt you

God's Gift

It's hard to talk about Holy Spirit without understanding both the Old and New Testament Pentecost.

So let’s begin our conversation there.

Pentecost as recorded in the book of Acts was not the first Pentecost.

The first Pentecost is recorded in Exodus 19 and 20. God gave Moses and His people the law. It was one of  the three mandatory feasts that every Jewish male celebrated yearly.  (I explain more in my book   “Precious Holy Spirit”.)  It is a holy day on the Jewish calendar. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament types of Pentecost are important for today’s believer.


Everything in the Bible is important, right? 

But in the grand scheme of things, is knowing about Pentecost a deal breaker?

It was to Jesus.

He communicated the importance of Pentecost to not only His disciples, but His followers as well.  He commanded them to stay in town until they received God’s gift- the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:1-5

Acts 2:1-4 On the day of Pentecost, 50 days after Passover, God sent the Holy Spirit, not just to rest upon people, but to fill them, to indwell them. There is a huge difference between His indwelling presence and His presence resting on people to accomplish specific tasks.


It’s important to understand Pentecost is NOT

  • a religion or group of people.
  • extinct like a dinosaur.
  • weird. 
  • emotionalism.

Old Testament Pentecost God gave the law.

New Testament Pentecost God gave Precious Holy Spirit.

It’s “The Promise” Jesus talked about.

Pentecost is the fulfillment of God’s promise to send precious Holy Spirit to become a resident inside believers.

Pentecost is an event that actually occurred on Pentecost Day. But it’s much more than an event. It announced the arrival of Holy Spirit to dwell; not with but in believers.

Precious Holy Spirit

Pentecost made experiencing and receiving the Person of Holy Spirit available to every believer, not just a select few or only for specific tasks.
Holy Spirt came to be a living dynamo – the power generator – inside each believer.

Disciples had Great Training, but training wasn’t enough!

The Disciples had great training, but

training wasn't Enough

Is the fire of Pentecost burning in your heart?

After three years of intense training, Jesus warned his followers that He was going away. You can imagine their alarm.

Jesus explained that He had to go, because God had more for them. Even after three years of intense discipleship they still needed something MORE. They saw Jesus’ miracles. They prayed with Jesus and spent three years being taught and experiencing hands-on-training, but Jesus said God has more for you. God’s more, God’s gift, was not an object or a thing, but the Person — the Holy Spirit.

You and the people in your church or your class can discover and experience what the disciples experienced on the day of Pentecost.

The Disciples Needed Help- They Needed Holy Spirit.

And what about you?

  • Would you like to be more loving?
  • Would you like to have someone help you understand the Bible?
  • Would you like to know Jesus better?
  • Do you sometimes know what you should do, but lack the spiritual stamina to do it?
  • Would you like to have a prayer partner that ALWAYS knows how to pray the perfect will of God?

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then just like me, ….you need the Holy Spirit. 

Holy Spirit came to help believers live victorious lives.

We all need some help… all of us need His Help!

Christianity is not one more self-help program!

It’s not God’s intention to just help you act better. Yes, the Bible outlines laws and regulations of conduct that are necessary for successful living. But many of the biblical mandates are impossible to live out through our natural efforts. We need more than more will-power. We need the Holy Spirit empowerment, wisdom and love to live out biblical principles. And the reality is…He is available to help believers today.



But the problem is…

We know about Jesus; He’s the Savior of the World. We know and want to share with everyone how much God the Father loves us. But, the Holy Spirit, too often we’re just not so sure about Him. Our culture won’t allow us to put the Holy Spirit in a cute little box that fits our picture of religion. The name “Spirit” sounds spooky. And to be honest, like the wind, we can’t control Him. Neither, do we always understand everything He does, but then He’s God and we don’t have to understand everything.

So, in the light of all the controversy…Does experiencing Holy Spirit really matter?

Absolutely, it matters.

“Our theology insists Holy Spirit exists, but divorced from His living presence, we live like deserted, hopeless orphans.”–the book Precious Holy Spirit

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