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How do we live the powerful, purposeful and fruitful lives God intended?

Jesus promised that the Father would send Holy Spirit to be our: helper, encourager, guide, and comforter. And He did at Pentecost!

Now what? 

How do we access God’s power to live mighty in the earth today?

How do we win over sin?

Are we left to figure it all out for ourselves?

I am thrilled to say that the same Holy Spirit that filled believers in the book of Acts, and empowered them to do the works of Jesus, is filling believers today. That’s not enough of an answer to launch you to victory. You need to know more…experience more!

And, I want to tell you so much more about my precious friend.

That’s why I wrote a book called “Pentecost Lost”. I didn’t want anyone to miss out on God’s wonderful Gift.

After I sold out of the first run of books, I felt a more accurate title would be “Precious Holy Spirit”. This book is all about Holy Spirit and all the wonderful benefits that come from Spirit filled living!

Because our mind works like a picture gallery,

I used seven pictures to describe Holy Spirit. The pictures came straight from the Bible: oil, wind, water, fire, power, gift and Pentecost.

The benefits are grouped into 7 chapter titles that begin with the letter “P” to make them easy to remember:

  • Pentecost
  • Presence
  • Present
  • Partnership
  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Power

From cover to cover, I’ve combined the richness of the book of Acts with life-giving experiences for the modern believer. My stories are down-to-earth, personal stories to make truths about Holy Spirit easy to grasp for beginners. My passion for Holy Spirit compels the most seasoned seekers to rediscover the power found in the Book of Acts. Most of all, I want to help you to live in the power of Holy Spirit in order to live victorious, fruitful lives.

Precious Holy Spirit Book:

  • Pinpoints the benefits of Spirit filled living.
  • Provides an introduction of the third member of the Trinity.
  • Identifies misunderstandings about Holy Spirit.
  • Explains how to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit.
  • Explains how to pray more effective
  • Explains how to love when it’s hard
  • Explains that Holy Spirit baptism is necessary to do the works of Jesus

$14.99Add to cart

“Precious Holy Spirit” eBook and the Complete Audio Book read by Pat Holland.



Hey! I’m so glad you stopped by!

I am Pat Holland. I am a wife, mom, a Nana, and a child of God. I am living out my passion to equip and encourage believers to live out their faith through the power and presence of Precious Holy Spirit.



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Would you like to read the first chapter?

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