This is a War That You Can Win!

This is a war that you can win if you...

The spiritual war that you are waging or avoiding right now is a war that you can win! Why you shouldn’t opt-out of the Spiritual War that is going on right now! You have an enemy that wants to kill, steal and destroy you! There are people depending on you, family, friends and neighbors. You […]

Why is Ezekiel’s “Dry Bone Vision” important to you?

what does ezekiel's dry bone vision have to do with you?

Ezekiel had numerous, powerful visions, so why is his “Dry Bone vision” important to you? Because it is an old Testament illustration of the Resurrection. Download the 5 Reasons I believe Ezekiel’s dry bone vision has spiritual significance and the outline. Here’s the link. Resurrection is a powerful word. From life to death…that we […]

Trade Your “No Way” for Yahweh

If you’ve ever heard me teach on prayer, you know I’ve prayed the Redemptive Names of God for many years. But in my quiet time I began to ask, “Why are these seven names of God considered redemptive names? I want to share with you what I’ve learned and how you can pray through the redemptive names of Christ.