7 Reasons Every Believer Should Be Filled with Holy Spirit

Plug into 220 Christian living

  When> I buy a product that comes with a power cord or a data card, I expect it to be in the box. If it’s not there, I take it back and exchange it for a box that has everything the manufacturer intended for the product to work as it was designed. I don’t […]

Thankful- I’m Thankful For all of You That Read My Blog

I'm Thankful For You

Thankful I am so thankful for you! I want to thank you for the difference you have made in so many lives. Thank you for your faithfulness when it wasn’t convenient… for your sacrifice when no one was looking… for your love when it wasn’t returned… for living a life that glorifies God. Thank you for […]

Thanks Giver Menu- Thanksgiving

Thanks Giver Menu

Thanks Giving I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat. The hardest part is the clean-up afterwards; which often influences my cooking. The second most difficult part of cooking is deciding what to cook, which also influences and limits my cooking to a few favorite recipes. From time to time, I […]

Gift Time Already?

  It’s happened already–at least for the gift buyer in the household. We’re already thinking: Gifts; Bargains; Sales. Great Sales, not just the 10% off a price that is already marked about 75% too high, but a really great price slashing sale like you find the day-after-Thanksgiving.    Anybody out there participate in that day-after-Thanksgiving madness? That […]

Slow Down- Rest

Slow down. Relax

What do you picture when you think of rest? Do you see yourself chillin’ in front of the televison? Sleeping in? Playing video games? To my friend Pete Hohmann, it is kayaking, serious, mile after mile of kayaking! Way too much work for me! Of course if I could do it Keira’s way, as seen […]

A Stroll, a Fresh Apple and Forty Years- Anniversary

A Stroll, a Fresh Apple and Forty Years- Anniversary

  Saturday was our anniversary and it was a perfect day for the two of us to get away. We had put in some long, hard hours for several weeks. I packed a healthy lunch, grabbed a handful of chocolate kisses (a person can only take so much healthy) and we look off to Lake Lure. […]

That’s Why They Call It A Dead End- Turn Around

That's why they call it a "Dead End".

When you realize you’ve made a wrong turn, then turn around and get back on the right road. Easy enough, even for directionally challenged people like me! Simple enough…right? But why don’t we have the same inclination in life when we reach a dead end? When something doesn’t work out right, “Why do we scream […]

Courageous The Movie- Must See

Courageous the Movie

The movie “Courageous” opens in theaters today! Sherwood Church has a new movie coming out today. It is important that believers support this movie so I hope you’ll plan to go see it, especially this opening weekend. But let’s not limit our support to just observing, let’s get involved by praying first of all. I […]

Stunted Trees- Nourishment

Stunted Trees- Nourishment

The beaches at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida are some of the most beautiful in the world. The Marine Science instructor had the 4-H students meet at the park entrance to begin the field trip. It was a fascinating afternoon. We splashed in the water gathered specimens to identify and observed scat (animal droppings) and tracks […]

The Vine That Ate The South- Kudzu

It grows a foot a day! And you thought centipedes had a lot of feet. No, I mean it grows a foot longer a day, and yes, I’m talking about Kudzu. This vine covers everything and I do mean everything. It covers road signs, cars and houses. It smoothers, covers and  chokes everything in its […]