Kids Need to Experience God

Power Up Retreat is exactly what the name implies. We are going to do more than just talk about, or learn about God’s power.  Children are going to experience the presence of Precious Holy Spirit.

God’s power is available to every believer to help us win over sin, love each other better and even understand the Bible better. After 3 ½ years of instruction, Jesus knew His followers needed more.

They needed Power, Holy Spirit Power…and we still do! He wants to fills all of us, and yes, that includes kids and their families. So why not family size it so everyone joins in the adventure!

Have you experienced the splendor of majestic mountains lately?

Mountain vistas can take your breath away! I’ve experienced mountains all over the U.S., seen them in books and  photos; I’ve heard passionate testimonies of people that have been to some of the highest. But none of that could prepare me for the breath taking experience of actually seeing Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in North America! It was beyond description!

Experiencing the Presence of God is…

beyond my ability to describe.

I have tons of stories to tell; stories of kids, parents and even me personally experiencing the presence and power of God. Stories can stir your faith, but there is still nothing like the joy of experiencing Him personally. His presence is life changing! Kids need to experience Him like that too!

Children will never know their Heavenly Father UNLESS He has visitation rights.

Just as children will never know their father if he doesn’t have visitation rights, they can’t know their heavenly Father without experiencing Him first hand.

It’s not enough to know about God. We need to know Him personally!

And that includes children too!

I met a lady recently that didn’t believe children could experience the power and presence of God. That is until her daughter experienced Him at a Family Service. She’s knows now! Shocked, she watched as her daughter experienced the life changing power of God.


Jesus corrected his disciples

“Let the children come to me.” And He still means it! He loves the praises of children and children love to praise Him. We just need to give them opportunity!


Everybody responds to the presence of God differently

In His presence there is fullness of Joy

Why is a Power Up Retreat Necessary

It can be really difficult to do everything that needs to be done in a 60-90 minute window on Sunday morning. Sometimes we need time to just hang out with God. We need time to quiet our heart so we can hear God talk. Power Up is designed to create opportunities to worship, pray, hear and experience the Presence of God.

What do we do in a Power Up Retreat?

I present the Word simple enough for a child to understand, but practical and beneficial for all ages.

The entire day is spent in a revival atmosphere.

We listen and we talk. We get better acquainted with each other and God.

Kids love the presence of God. They feel loved and cherished in His presence.

I have discovered that adults and children receive the Holy Spirit and are radically transformed in these events. That’s why I really encourage you to Family Size it instead of it being a Kids Only event.

Let me tell you about a few things that have happened at a Power Up Retreat. These are not the best stories. Just the shortest stories.



At one church, the janitor and her husband arrived to get the building back in order before services the next morning. The man is not a person to say anything, so his question surprised Julie Sunday morning. “What happened here this weekend?”

Her default children’s pastor’s brain processed the question. “Oh no! What got broken?” But being the experienced children’s pastor she is, she simply smiled and asked, “What do you mean?”

“When I came to clean last night I felt like I was sloshing through God’s presence like water. It was powerful. What happened here?”

Trembling Girl

One girl began to tremble in God’s presence and timidly asked her mom, (There as a chaperone) “What is happening?” (Questions like that is why we always debrief.)


Worship Team

Often the musicians that ministered have commented afterwards that the presence of God was powerful. Frequently the musicians have experienced the Spiritual Encounters as children themselves.

Baptism of Holy Spirit

Several children at each event received the baptism of Holy Spirit!

One leader asked a girl, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit? She emphatically responded, “I’ve been praying in my prayer language.” It was kinda like, “Of course. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”

Jamie won a prize of $20.00 and was filled with Holy Spirit at the Power UP.

When telling her parents about the Power Up Retreat, she was more excited about being filled with Holy Spirit than finding the $20.00 She explained to her mom that felt like a new person, not afraid to tell others about Jesus. She felt a special peace.


One little girl attended the retreat with two siblings. She saw a vision. She sat between two rows of chairs weeping as she wrote what God had shown her.

One adult leader saw his first vision at a Power Up Retreat.

It was a picture of one of the boys putting on the armor of God. He felt impressed to pray over the boy and encourage him to dress in His armor.  The boy was so excited that God would give this man from another church a picture of him putting on God’s armor.

Children Open up and share Prayer Needs

Choking back tears, one little boy asked us to pray that God would help him learn to read.


At one retreat the children joined the prayer tunnel and helped us pray for the people coming through. One little boy laid his hands on a leader and ask God to take all the pain away. And God did. Nobody knew she had pain. Well, nobody but God.

And yes, it was God that helped the little boy pray and absolutely God uses children too!!!!


One group of kids came shy and uncertain about how and why they should worship, but within 24 hours they were jumping up and down celebrating and worshiping God. They were so excited about Jesus.

Why Power Up?

Because children need to unplug from distractions and purposefully plug into God’s Power.

It’s a time and a place set-aside for children and families to focus on God, receive precious Holy Spirit and/or experience more of Him.

So what are you waiting for? Give me a call or shoot off an email.

I’d love to partner with you for a Power Up Retreat in your church or city.


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