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Did Jesus Close His Eyes on the Cross?

Jesus shines in the darkness

It was a difficult time for Shannon.  Difficult is a weak word for what she was going through. How do you describe the pain of uprooting your large family from your home town to move to a new city. Her dad was  recovering from septic shock after brutal rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. But leaving […]

A New Year…A New Page…A Clean Slate…Really? LOL

A New Year?     Some folks call it a new page, a new door, a clean start. Really…I mean REALLY? A clean slate? I’m not a cynical person, but really?   That’s a little miss leading.   A New Door? Okay, because I love, absolutely love doors, let’s take the metaphor of a new door, […]

Got the Armadillo Syndrome? Offense Will do it to you!

Got the armadillo syndrome

  I must have sounded like a crazy woman. And if my neighbors had rubbed the sleep from their eyes and peered out the window, I’m sure they would be convinced their neighbor was a crazy woman. There I stood towering over  the flowerbed with a bucket in one hand and a stick in the […]