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4 Ways to Quiet Your Spirit

stop. look. listen.

Quiet Your Spirit. The engineer sounded his whistle long and LOUD at the little guy watching beside the tracks. It was loud. The ground rumbled under us as the black train engine roared past. I held Brayden’s hand to keep him safe, but I wanted to put both hands over my ears. Brayden loves trains. And I […]

A Key to Emotional Health

key to emotional health

Do you ever read a quote and feel it all the way through your being…I mean like all the way to the tips of your toes? And you’re not really sure why it resonates so loudly, but it just does? This quote did that for me. “ And, I’m not even musically inclined! So, it […]

Jesus is My Peace


This isn’t a Christmas post.   This is not even a late Christmas post. Maybe it’s just my personality…maybe I’m trying to get the last little bit…like trying to squeeze the last little bit of toothpaste out of a totally flat tube. But I don’t want to leave the season without getting transparent with you one more time. […]

How to Know Peace

You are my hiding place psalms 32:7

This Alabama girl, (Yes, that’s where I got this accent that makes me hard to understand. People will shake their head at me and say, “You’re not from Florida.”) was surprised to find Alabama Hills at the eastern slope of the Sierrra Nevada Mountains.  Alabama Hills in California? In case you were wondering like I wondered, the Alabama […]

How Do You Get Peace?

My garden is blooming in a rainbow of colors. Join me…I want to share with you what I saw and learned. Brown eyed Susans stand in rigid bouquets. Tiny white blooms cascade from the wheelbarrow that Wayne made me from leftover log siding. Yellow and fuchsia colored mums compete with pink and yellow roses are […]