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The Lesson I Learned at the Wedding Reception

I’m always learning…but honestly the lesson I learned at the wedding reception surprised me. But, let me show you instead of tell you. Come walk with me and let’s take a closer look at the wedding reception at Cana in John 2. You can hear the laughter and the voices trying to talk over the […]

How to Live Strong

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might Ephesians 6:10

How to live Strong. Live Strong was etched in millions of happy, yellow elastic bands. If you tied it’s message to finding a cure for cancer, you probably still wear yours, but if you tied the mantra to Lance Armstrong it’s doubtful that you do. Lance Armstrong had it right when he published his mantra […]

How to Use Your Critic’s Words to Fuel Your Goal

Our critic’s words and actions can discourage us. Michael Phelps, has been lauded as the “Most Successful Olympian of all time.” With 23 medals, he has won more than anyone…EVER! (And the number is changing everyday as I write and rewrite this post.)   And personally, I loved how he handled the locker room intimidation […]

It’s Not the Critic Who Counts…

Wrapped in a seven page speech delivered by President Theodore Roosevelt’s at Sorbonne  in Paris, France on April 23, 1910 is a powerful little paragraph that continues to be a source of inspiration and insight. The Man in the Arena by Theodore Roosevelt  It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the […]

Finding Wisdom in the Information Age

We have an absolutely fabulous Farmer’s Market in Jacksonville. Row after row of fruits and vegetables fill baskets and boxes and crates. Flats of fat, juicy blackberries, nothing like the wild ones I grew up scavenging from empty lots and roadsides. Fresh watermelons with bright green stems, fragrant peaches with rosy cheeks, vibrant purple eggplant, yellow […]