Five Steps So Your Resolve Doesn’t Dissolve

If you are an adventurer, you start with spreading out your map. (Maybe yours is a digital one?) Then the second step is “Where do I want to go?” What do I want to do? What do I want to see? And finally, what if anything do I want to accomplish? Only after you’ve  answered those questions can you map your trip to your destination. It’s not rocket science…just necessary if you want to arrive at your destination.

Don’t you think your life deserves at least that much attention?

There’s lots of chatter over whether or not to make New Years Resolutions.

I totally understand…

why bother to make them if your not going to keep them?


My answer to that question is

“Keep Them!”

I think the problem with resolutions is we only make a wish list without the resolve to accomplish it. Resolve or strong determination is the secret sauce that keeps you on the path to accomplishing your goal.



To resolve means you have made up your mind. When you resolve something, you keep doing it even when it gets tough. You think solutions …not problems. You persist, you problem solve, you find people that have what you want, you observe, you ask questions and you do the hard work that takes you to what you want to go. Resolve means you want this bad enough to take the necessary steps to get there.

Write down your resolutions for this year.

Don’t confuse your wish list with your resolution list.

If you don’t have passion about your resolution, you probably won’t achieve it. It’s OK to wish or dream about things but, until you have a “dog in the fight” you won’t do the hard stuff that is necessary to achieve your goal. So your resolution list needs to begin with things you really want.

  1. Set fewer resolutions. This allows you to focus. Some experts suggest you focus on 3 goals at a time.
  2. Write them down. Hand writing is a brain focusing activity. Put them in a place that you can review them regularly.
  3. Set a completion date.
  4. Minimize time wasters and distractions.
  5. RESOLVE in your heart that you are going to do it. Don’t let your resolve dissolve.
  6. Tie this decision to purpose. Why do you want to do this? How will your life be different or better if you accomplish it? How will it feel to accomplish this? Who else will benefit from this accomplishment? Is this something God is leading you to do?
  7. Get a plan.
  8. Schedule your action plan on your calendar.
  9. Evaluate and refocus.


Where do get more resolve?

(Isn’t that the carpet cleaner in a bright red bottle?) Don’t you wish you could buy it in the grocery store?


Don’t let your resolve dissolve!

The kind of resolve that will keep you on track is in you…maybe dormant…maybe not focused…but it is in there! Just begin to activate it.

  1. Ask God to help you. No special words. Just seek His help, His wisdom, His ability, His strength. And believe He will help you. Faith is crucial.
  2. Eliminate distractions to make room to pursue your goal.
  3. Develop a different mindset.
    •  It’s not suppose to be easy.
    • So it’s hard. Get over it.
    • Do it anyway.
    • So what if they reject me. I just haven’t found the right person. But they are out there.
    • Problems are prizes in disguise. They are part of the puzzle.
  4. Talk to yourself.
    • Declare “I can do all things through Christ”.
    • “I am persistent! I am determined!”
  5. Get your eyes on the prize!!!

As a believer I am confident that everything I do for God, EVERY single act of obedience is recognized and rewarded by God.

I want to win the prize…I want to hear…”Well, done, you good and faithful servant. Well done!”

I won’t hear that if I play it safe and hide from every voice that criticizes me.

You won’t either! Don’t let your resolve dissolve!

Do you have some suggestions that have helped you reach your goals? Please comment below.


Do you know someone that needs to be encouraged to makes some resolutions or goals, (which ever you prefer to call it) please share this! It will help me and them!


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