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Life Doesn’t Come With a Manual! But it Does Come With a GPS!

I will guide you along the path that is best for your life. Psa 32:8

Wayne knows I have NO sense of direction, so when I’m going somewhere I’ve never been, he pulls the map up for me on my phone. (I’m telling you this man is the best!) Yes, I know how to do it, but he wants to make sure that HE explains the directions to me. (That […]

A Refreshing Break

open my eyes to behold wonders in your instructions

I understand airplanes are faster and I enjoy flying—when I want to get there in a hurry or when I’m going to a place that is really far away. But the downside is you don’t see much scenery when you fly. Maybe a pretty cloud or a radiant sunset, but not much more. But traveling in […]