Vision Requires More Than Finding Your Glasses

These days I need glasses to read.

It’s not what you think…I’m NOT getting old! Unless you talk to my granddaughter, she will tell you differently.

I hate wearing glasses, because I can never find them. Yes, I buy my glasses at the dollar store. And yes, I have a pair for every room, but somehow, maybe, it’s the Elf on the Shelf or some pesky little critter than hoards them away? NOT!

But the bottom line is; I can’t see much of anything without them! Wayne is constantly instructing me…”Get your glasses!”


I stumbled across something on Rhonda Goff’s Facebook page that was a real eye opener.

She said something that I needed more than glasses to see… to understand.
She had put a picture of a lounger on her page. It was like a super, high-end hammock, made of a beautiful tan fabric instead of the roping that leaves marks on the back-side of your legs. It was complete with an arched canopy to keep you cool as you swayed and relaxed.
Rhonda wanted to take the relaxation to the next level. She dreamed of enjoying this luxurious hammock in the mountains.

But her next words have echoed in my head for days.

They’ve haunted me,

like the words of a song that repeats itself like echoes off  a canyon wall.
Heavy words.
Compelling Words.
Heaven’s Words.
Convicting Words.
“I want this… in the mountains…I can lay there and be cool and look beyond what I can see…”

“…and look beyond what I can see.”

I recognized my Father’s voice in those words. “Pat, look beyond what you can see.”

But how?

That’s what God was calling the children of Israel to do…see beyond the giants.
But they didn’t.
That’s what God was calling Joshua to do when he faced the thick walls of Jericho.
And he did.

And what they saw determined where they lived and how they lived.

Defeated or Victorious.

My choice is obvious. I want to live victorious!

But looking beyond what I can see requires more than finding my glasses!

It requires faith.

Faith rooted in a promise.
And the same day I stumbled onto her post…stumbled? What a silly thought!  When we walk with Jesus He guides our path.
The same day I found Rhonda’s post, I listened to a teaching that solved that piece of the puzzle.
My take away was–
Seeing from God’s perspective requires a Biblically renewed mind.   Tweet this!
If I want to see what God sees I’ve got to crawl up in His arms, look out as He points His powerful finger in the direction of what He wants me to see.
It requires mixing the discipline of studying God’s Word with faith.
It means choosing to believe, when reason is screaming in your ears.
We must look through the lens of His Word and faith in that Word to see what God sees.
As Rhonda put it…to look beyond what I can see.

It’s simply called vision.

I pray.
Dear God,  help me to look beyond what I can see to behold you
…to behold your face…
to see what you see,
so I can be what you called me to be.
So I can do what you called me to do.

Did you see what was beyond the tree?


Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your law. Psalm 119:18 NLT

Are you ready to look beyond what you can see?
Write down, right now, so it goes right down in your heart, so your faith vision sees what God is showing you!.
What promise will you stand on?
I’d love to hear from you!
Don’t forget.
If you were blessed share it with a friend.