Walk Like Nik Wallenda?

devotion Jesus walking on water and Nik Wallenda walks across gorge

It is old news, but if you saw it you will never forget it?

Walk in faithDid you see it? I couldn’t watch it until the event was completely finished–too nerve racking for me. 1400 feet isn’t a record breaking distance. But when you consider the 1400 feet is crossing a gorge in the Grand Canyon and the bottom is 1500 feet below and the path was only a 2 inch steel cable, the story becomes newsworthy!  I didn’t know he was a believer until I read all the tweets afterward. My favorites were from @MatthewBarnett
      • When Jesus is the rope, you have hope!
      • You are wired for greatness!
      • Touch your neighbor and say, “Walk the rope.”
All the talk shows are scrambling to book Mr. Wallenda for an interview. Articles and stories explaining what he did, where he did it and conversations about “Why he did it?” and “How he did it?” are all over the internet! My post is not one more stab at any of those angles. Yet I don’t want to miss an opportunity to tell you to walk like Nik Wallenda! That’s right, I think you should!

Walk like Nik Wallenda?

I am so glad that God doesn’t ask believers to walk 1400 feet across a gorge with a 1500 feet bottom on a 2″ path, that’s Mr. Wllenda’s one time choice. Yet he took some steps that you should take too! First, he boldly shared his faith in Jesus. I loved hearing Wallenda say that wonderful name, Jesus, as he walked. In our culture that may have taken more courage than crossing the gorge!
While your walk through the ups and downs of life won’t make the newspapers, it is of far greater importance than what Wallenda did Sunday. Your life is important and how you choose to walk it out makes eternal significance.  

Your path is narrow too!

feet that follow Jesus ChristJesus tells us His path is narrow, a two inch steel cable gives new meaning to the term narrow, but you can trust Jesus, no matter how narrow the path is. God’s narrow means living according to His boundaries because He made us and He knows what is best for us. It’s a balanced life of loving God and people and hating every sin that would rob us of abundant life. It’s walking with God, free of the weight of sin, yet filled to overflowing with the fruit of a Spirit filled, empowered life.
Scripture tells us to walk in:
    • faith 
    • obedience
    • love

Things I noticed about Mr. Wallenda’s walk.

In Mr. Wallenda’s story I see some truths that apply to our everyday walk with Christ. I think they’ll steady your walk, make you more surefooted and help you finish strong!
    • Use the right shoes.  Nik’s were leather with elk skin soles. Sound exotic? Yours are outta this world! Shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace.
    • Pray while you walk.
    • Speak to the winds while you walk.
    • Listen to the voice of your Father, your heavenly Father that is, while you walk.
    • Stay focused.

Thank you for your walk, Mr. Wallenda!

 “Thank you, Mr. Wallenda for praying aloud as you walked, for boldly declaring your faith while the whole world watched, for going places that most believers will never go and sharing unashamedly your faith in Jesus Christ! Thank you!”

And thank you dear readers for your walk with God. 

People around you have watched you walk. They’ve heard you pray. They’ve seen your life and your life is making a difference. The world has been a better place because you walked your life with God.
Did you see Nik Wallenda walk across the gorge? What did you think? What did you see or hear that inspired you?

2 thoughts on “Walk Like Nik Wallenda?

  1. Patsy Prince says:

    What a wonderful article, Pat. Thank you so much for your inspiring and challenging writings. I think we were all touched by the prayers across the gorge. I used this also in our Tuesday morning prayer as we were led to pray with new passion for this nation and country-pray in repentance and search ourselves to greater purity. Our prayers have to be answered with revival and stirring for a greater harvest for Jesus-He is hope in these times of sliding downward. After the events of yesterday, now I see why we were led to pray as we did Tuesday. Thank you, Pat, I always am inspired by your anointed words.

  2. Patsy Prince says:

    We meet each Tuesday for prayer at First Assembly of God, Orange Park. I lead the prayer there. Blessings to your day.

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