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Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for an elegant and romantic table setting. I never want to miss an opportunity to say “I love you” loud and clear to my sweetheart.

The foundation of this tablescape begins with gently used high end plates and stemware. When I say high end, I’m talking about red dinner plates from Crate & Barrell. Then Crystal collector plates from Franklin Mint Month of the year scenes and the stately Cristal D’arques Durand Ruby Red stemware.

Gorgeous pieces that you’ll want to use to make new table settings again and again, not just Valentine, but your Anniversary; Christmas or anytime you want to celebrate all year long. A table of rich jewel tones, kissed with elegant gold and sparkling pink hearts.

elegant table setting ideas for Valentine's Day

The heart of this Valentine table setting begins with the sophisticated Crate and Barrel red plates with gold trim. The crystal salad plates dress the dinner plate like delicate lace. The towering ruby red stemware at each plate create a path for eye movement.

elegant table setting ideas for Valentine's Day

The gold napkin rings add some sparkle to this elegant table setting without being gaudy.

elegant table settings ideas for Valentine's Day
Faux florals add beauty and color to this Valentine table setting. Keep it low so people can talk without distraction.

The floral arrangement of frosted pines and evergreens also with white, pink and red blossoms that pull the colors of the table setting together. The gold beads create a path that take your eye to the ruby roses at the table.

Don’t forget the candles.

Candlelight is one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful and elegant table setting. The flicker of candles creates romantic ambiance. This table setting comes with two beautiful vintage glass with swirl design candleholders 7 ¾” tall with a 4 ¼” base.

If you like more add additional glass or gold candle holders that you may already have at your house. They don’t need to match. Vary the heights to create visual flow for the eyes to follow. The eye loves 3s.

Grouping 3 candle holders is very pleasing to the eye.

Another way to amp up the sparkle and light is with a crystal bobeche. We sell the 4” crystal cup with 5 dangling crystals with silver colored hardware which disperses the light beautifully. See the difference in the picture. . (Two candle holders come in the Valentine Crate & Barrel Tablescape. The bobeches are sold separately.)

elegant table setting ideas for Valentine's Day
Elegant Table Setting Ideas for Valentine’s Day

This table setting is available for sale. Click here to learn more.

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  4. Learn how to work together.
  5. Say “I love you” frequently. Hold hands. Kiss. Keep the romance in your marriage.
  6. Schedule time for intimacy.

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